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CMTDA President’s Message

Robert Dunbar
Seasons greetings and welcome to the 6th issue of the newsletter.  On November 16 the 58th annual general meeting took place at the Board of Trade golf club in Woodbridge Ontario. Some 76 members and guests were in attendance to hear the various committee reports and financial status of the organization. 

Our keynote speaker, Mr. Ralph Nappi, president of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association (AMTDA) gave us an extremely informative presentation on the "Current Forces Impacting the Machine Tool Industry".

Our thanks to the Board of Trade for a super job as usual, and special thanks to the media at CM&M, MP&P, and CIP for their continued support at the CMTDA functions in supplying the refreshments.

The machine tool industry is continuing to expand at a good pace in Canada with our running index ahead of last year by 10% for numbers of units sold. Further, conditions continue to look promising well into 2001.

There are however significant challenges facing the manufacturer and therefore in turn the machine tool industry. Costs continue to escalate for raw material and labor as well as general business expenses. 

The competition is fierce and most companies face downward pressure from ever demanding customers. To remain competitive and actually remain in business, manufacturers are forced to continuously strive for productivity improvements, innovation, and drive for higher value products and services.
This then translates into the need for new facilities, new technology, new machinery and equipment, along with the restructuring of organizations.
So, while the opportunities remain very promising, the challenges are real and not going away. Traditional selling techniques and business methods are changing and we must adapt.

This past April I attended the AMTDA annual general meeting and educational conference. The educational benefit was excellent. The topics covered were challenging and certainly sparked many ideas related to the daily operation of our type of business. Further, the interaction with many machine tool peers from all over North America proved very refreshing. If you are at all able, I highly recommend this annual three day conference. I take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Mr. Bryan Sullivan who has acted as director for the CMTDA for the past 4 years. His devotion and time freely given to the betterment of this association is appreciated. I am pleased to welcome Mr. Darren Carroll, Vice President of Ossco Machine Sales, as director. Darren will assume the position vacated by Bryan.

On a social note, mark your calendars for June 7,2001, the date of our annual spring cruise. This event continues to gain popularity and it is certainly a fun evening of dining and dancing. Additionally we are working on a golf day for next summer, more information to follow. Again I urge all members to become involved in the association. Ideas, suggestions and concerns are always welcome. Thanks to all the directors for their input and help this past year and as always a big "Merci Beaucoup" to Jim Burrows for his sincere dedication to this organization. Have a very safe and joyous holiday season.

Best Regards,

Robert Dunbar, President

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Metal Cutting Records Significant Gains, Fabricating Shows Continued Strength

by CMTDA Executive Director Jim Burrows 
Machine tool sales continued to show strength last year particularly in the area of CNC metal cutting.

While conventional metal cutting and fabricating machine tools have gained over 1999, CNC metal cutting has soared ahead by over 20%.

The average value per unit in the CNC metal cutting area amounted to $192,000 for lathes, $184,000 for vertical machining centers, and $454,000 for horizontal machining centers.

For horizontal boring mills, the average value per unit was $659,000 while vertical boring mills amounted to $620,000.

Turning to wire EDMs, the average value per unit was $234,000 while sinker EDMs totalled $138,000, and grinders were $279,000. 

Conventional metal cutting machines had an average order of $18,000, while fabricating machinery averaged $49,000, except for profile cutting which averaged $607,000 per order. Metal stamping and forming had approximately equal units to 1999, but their average order increased to $84,000, more than double the previous


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The CMTDA’s purpose and objectives

The Canadian Machine Tool Distributors Association was founded in 1942 as a trade association dedicated to the marketing of machine tools and services in Canada through distributorship companies. 
Its aims are: 

  • To promote friendly business relations among its members
  • To provide means whereby problems affecting the industry can be readily discussed and to co-operate, as a group, to further the interests of the industry by all desirable and lawful means
  • To stimulate growth in the use of machine tools and secure wider markets for these tools
  • To advertise the industry and the specific advantages attainable through the use of machine tools
  • To make available information which will assist users and prospective users to obtain properly selected machine tools
  • To collect and disseminate statistics on market capacity and other pertinent matters
  • To exchange information among members for the purpose of reducing distribution costs and eliminating waste and duplication of efforts
  • To enable the members, as a group, to discuss with the government, if need be, tariff problems and other issues relating to machine tools.

How to join the CMTDA

Any individual, partnership, firm, company or corporation may be elected to membership in the CMTDA by an affirmative vote of not less than a simple majority (i.e. 51%) of the members in good standing when such vote is taken. To qualify for regular membership an applicant is required to:

Maintain an office or other recognized place of business; represent at least one recognized manufacturer of machine tools on an exclusive basis in a designated territory; carry its own accounts; be established and actively engaged in the distribution of machine tools in Canada for at least one year at the time of application for membership is made; does at least 51% of its business in new machinery; provide monthly orders booked data in the format set out by the association.

To qualify for associate membership an applicant is required to: maintain an office or other recognized place of business; provide equipment/services ancillary or complementary to machine tools; carry its own accounts.

Application for membership is to be in writing to the president who will submit it to the first general meeting and not later than the next annual meeting. Contact the CMTDA at PO Box 262, Minden, ON KOM 2KO Phone: (705)286-6921 Fax: (705) 286-6905

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CMTDA Conducts Compensation Survey

CMTDA hired Watson Wyatt to conduct a compensation survey for their members. Watson Wyatt is an independent global company specializing in this type of service. The survey was patterned after AMTDA’s survey which has been very successful for many years. It highlights all areas from management compensation to office staff, including outside sales, inside sales and service. Seventeen members participated in the survey including: 600 Machine Tools, AMT Machine Tools, A.W. Miller Technical Sales, Cahmac Int’l. Machinery, Elliott-Matsuura Canada, Hascotech, Ian Jones Sales, Modern Tool (BC) Ltd., Neiman Machinery, SMS Machine Tools Ltd., Swiss Instruments / Belmag Machinery, Stan-Canada, Thomas Skinner and Son Ltd., Toshiba Machine Co., Upton Bradeen & James., Upton & Sullivan, and Westway Machinery. The survey was very informative and members were only charged $100.00 with the Association picking up the remainder of the cost. We urge all members to consider participating next year as it is planned to have the survey again in 2001. Call and talk to one of the members listed above regarding it’s value.

Fabricating, Stamping Show A Success

The second biennial Canadian Fabricating & Stamping Machinery Show (CFSM) was very succesful, particularly from a logistical standpoint, Kurt Neiman, Director, Trade Shows, with the Canadian Machine Tool Distributors Association, said during a presentation at the association’s recent annual meeting. CFSM was held in Toronto October 17-19 at the National Trade Centre. Attendance was up this year (6,564 visitors from 2,889 companies vs. 5,400 visitors from 2,400 companies in 1998). The show comprised a total of 116,000 net sq. ft. featuring 325 exhibitors. Overall, the show was very successful, especially the logistics. As a long time exhibitor in the Canadian Machine Tool Show, Montreal Fabricating and Machine Tool Show and CFSM, I can say that I have never exhibited at a show where the move-in times were on schedule. However, at CFSM move-in times were not only on schedule, but in most cases, an hour ahead of schedule. Even the electrical and pneumatic connections, sign hanging, etc. went extremely well. Bob Mathieu of Reed Exhibition Companies did a wonderful job of ensuring that the move-in/move-out experience was as smooth and painless as possible. This year’s show was the first which used the “marshalling yard” concept whereby all trucks delivering machinery/goods had a designated move-in time. You moved in at your scheduled time, or you went to the back of the line. This method has long been used in U.S. shows and has worked well. The marshalling yard will be put to the test for the larger CMTS being held in October, 2001. Ensure that your exhibition crew is ready and on time for an easy move in. The CMTDA is proud to be a sponsor of these shows. This was the second year that the CMTDA sponsored the CFSM Show, and our membership realizes the benefits of exhibiting in a CMTDA-sponsored show. For further information, contact Kurt Neiman (CMTDA Director – Trade Shows) at 905-715-7776, or Bob Mathieu at Reed Exhibition at 416-491-3999 ext. 701.

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CMTDA statistics report

Based on member reported orders, we have produced two graphs which show order trends over the past two years. The top graph shows continued growth in all three categories of machine tools CNC Metal Cutting (Series 3); Fabricating and Stamping (Series 1); and Conventional Metal Cutting (Series 2). The CMTDA index shown in the bottom graph almost parallels the moving average orders graph above as our membership has stabilized in numbers of member

CMTDA Board of Directors 

Robert Dunbar, Toshiba Machine Co. 
Past President & Government Relations
Jim Smith, Ferro Technique Ltd.
Vice President and Trade Shows
Albert Leblanc, A.W. Miller Technical Sales 
Trade Shows
Kurt Neiman, Neiman Machinery Sales
Darren Carroll, Ossco Machine Sales 
AMTDA Liaison
Michael Carr, Elliot Matsuura Can. Ltd.
Peter Turton, 600 Group Equipment
Juergen Moeglich, Upton Bradeen & James

Upcoming Events
June 7, 2001
CMTDA Annual Spring Meeting/Cruise
Toronto Harbour, Toronto

October 15-18, 2001
CMTS - National Trade Center, Toronto

600 Group Equipment Ltd.
A.M.T. Machine Tools Ltd.
A. W. Miller Technical Sales Canada
Acme Saw Ltd.
Advanced Fabricating Machinery Inc.
Akhurst Machinery Ltd.
Amada Canada Ltd.
Amcan Machine Tool Technology Inc.
Barer Engineering Co.
Cahmac Int’l Machinerie Inc.
CIT Financial Ltd.
Compumachine Canada Inc.
CML Machinery Inc.
Crown Hollander Inc.
Dalimpex Ltd./Ltee
DMG Canada Inc.
Elliott Matsuura (Canada) Inc.
Ellison Machinery Company
EMEC Machine Tools Inc.
Ferro Technique Ltd.
Forward Precision Tools Ltd.
G.E. Capital Canada Equipment Financing
Gilbert C. Storey Machinery Ltd.
Graham Machine Sales & Service Inc.
Gross Machinery Group
Haco Canada Ltd.
Hascotech Inc.
H. H. Roberts Machinery Ltd.
Heinman Machinery Ltd.
Hitachi Seiki U.S.A. Inc.
Ian Jones Sales Ltd.
Industrial Machinery Exchange Inc.
Iscar Tools Inc.
KBC Tools & Machinery Inc.
M. Jahn Machine Tools Inc.
Machine Tool Systems Inc.
Machinery Canada
Megatel Inc.
Modern Tool (BC) Ltd.
Neiman Machinery Sales Inc.
Omnitrade Machinery
Orix Credit Alliance Canada Ltd.
Ossco Machine Sales
Paine Machine Tool Inc.
Parpas America Inc.
Powermaster Machinery Ltd.
Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank Leasing 
Royal Products
Sirco Machinery Co. Ltd.
SMS Machine Tools Ltd.
Stan-Canada Inc
Stock machine-outiles du Quebec
Swiss Instruments Ltd.
Thomas Skinner & Son Ltd. 
Toshiba Machine Co. Canada Limited
Upton & Sullivan Co. Limited
Upton Bradeen & James Inc.
Westway Machinery Limited
Yervant Industriel/AL Inc.

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CMTDA Annual Spring Meeting
November 16, Toronto Board of Trade Country Club

CMTDA President Robert Dunbar welcomed members and guests to the meeting and presented his report to the membership.
Peter Turton, the association’s director of statistics, provided an overview of machine tool sales for 2000. 
Albert LeBlanc provided the meeting with a recap of the Montreal Machine Tool and Fabricating show and the Canadian Fabricating and Stamping Machinery show.
The CMTDA introduced its board of directors for 2001 at the association’s annual meeting. Left to right are: Darren Carroll, Ossco Machine Sales; Juergen Moeglich, Upton Bradeen & James; Michael Carr, Elliott Matsuura; Albert Leblanc, A.W. Miller Technical Sales; Robert Dunbar, Toshiba Machine; Jim Burrows, CMTDA Executive Director; Peter Turton, 600 Machine Tools; and Kurt Neiman, Neiman Machinery Sales. 
CMTDA Membership Director Juergen Moeglich presented a membership report and welcomed new members to the association.
The CMTDA recently held its Annual General Meeting at the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club in Woodbridge, ON. The meeting was attended by members and guests and featured Ralph Nappi, president of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association, as the guest speaker for the evening.

Michael Carr, the CMTDA’s liaison with the American Machine Tool Distributors Association gave a report on the AMTDA

Ralph Nappi, president of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association, discussed current forces impacting the machine tool industry. 
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